Goals. Not goals.

Hi and thanks for learning about Professor Play. We are so excited that you took the time to learn about us and how we can help you and your family. We are here to help non-elite athletes build confidence not only in sports, but in life too.

We look to build their skills and confidence both on and off the field. Our dual purpose is to build skills in sports but use these  method and skillsets in life, school and other settings. 

After much success with our cycling education service, Professor Pedals, we decided to expand our education offering into recreational sports - soccer, basketball and baseball. 

We have created another stress-free and fun progressive system to teach these skills. But more importantly, we pride ourselves on building success in our students. To take on challenges of life beyond the field. To assist in dealing with homework, study, social skills, health and more.

It's all about our students. We look to have fun and offer skill building so they can enter into recreational sports practices and games with great confidence and a positive attitude. Or, we can teach skills just to engage in casual play at a park or field.

Our goal is simple - to inspire our students to be successful. To include sports as a part of their life by teaching them in a unique, positive and stress-free way.

Feel free to tour around our website. Meet our Trainers. Read and learn. Give us a call to talk about how we can help you!

We are so proud of what we do! We are going to have so much fun!


Steve Finkelstein


Professor Play

Professor Pedals

Master Instructor