It's not just learning about sports.

by Steve Finkelstein, Founder Professor Play

Building skills in sports and playing in recreational or advanced leagues has always been a vital part of a child's development. The learning aspects of these experiences often extend beyond the skills in the sport.

There are so many other valuable experiences and learning opportunities in participating in sport. Below are three .

(1) Failure

Kids to day sometimes don't fail enough. Failure is an event that will happen in their lives and knowing how to manage failure in less critical applications is good practice for the real  stuff.

(3) Dedication

Working together with others to wards a common goal is a necessary skill for people to exist in communities, work environments and in life. Learning these skills during sport will prepare them for success in the future.

(3) Responsibility

There are so many tools available to kids to day to engage in school and life. Often, resources outside of these tools are underused. In sport, players use their own ability, strength and skill to achieve a result. There are no websites, apps or gadget to lean on.

Professor Play offers non-elite athletes the ability to learn and engage in sport so they can experience and realize their potential and skills to help them across their lives. To learn more, visit