About Us

Sports and Success!

Professor Play is our 1-on-1 sports education program that compliments our recognized and successful cycling education service, Professor Pedals. We teach basic sport concepts to kids and adults, including those with special needs, so they can build skills and confidence for them to participate in mainstream sports.

Our sports skills are just the start. Our private lessons translate into building skills in success - 

self-confidence, risk taking, strategy building and more!

We focus on 2 key popular sports:

- Soccer

- Basketball

Sport overview and details here

Our Trainers are special education professionals, physical education  teachers, personal trainers in cycling with Professor Pedals or maintain other expertise to work with kids and adults with different needs and goals.

Key concepts

- Building game concepts and skills

- Modeling field and game etiquette

- Fostering themes of team and sportsmanship

- Teaching player and coach engagement strategies 

Our progressive teaching works! We teach basic concepts of the games, apply them, develop further skills and advanced disciplines at the pace of each student. We always celebrate success, both big and small!

We have great success in working with students with autism, ADD, ADHD, low muscle tone, vision impairments, and other physical and Developmental issues. We work to meet the needs of the student and achieve success at many levels!

Private lessons can be booked using our online system. If there are specifics you wish to discuss, please call us or leave notes during the reservation process.

If you have specific needs and goals or wish to discuss a group event, please contact us.